Free workshop!

Your Journey: Retirement, Taxes and Generosity

Sunday, September 9th — 11:30 am

As you prepare for your journey into retirement, it’s important to develop a strategy to help you make the right decisions.  Cathy Grambow (Thrivent Associate) and featured guest speaker Ray Carlisle (Thrivent Wealth Advisor & Certified Financial Planner) will guide you with:

Preparing, transitioning, and arriving at retirement
    o   Saving and investing
    o   Legal documents
    o   Social Security and retirement income

Achieving your financial goals and controlling taxes
    o   Asset allocation
    o   Optimizing retirement income
    o   Protection plan

Living your values with support to charities
    o   Give now: Cash, assets like stock or property
    o   Give later: Bequest and naming a beneficiary
    o   Give and receive: Gift annuities & remainder trusts

A light lunch will be served. No products will be sold at this event.

To reserve a place for yourself and guests, email Immanuel Lutheran’s church office at