Confirmation plays an important role in the formation of faith and values in our young people.  It is a time for them to learn about, question, and respond to the biblical message. It is a time to discover that we are formed and fashioned by God to live in a relationship of trust and service toward God and our neighbor. It is a time to learn about living in the freedom of forgiveness and the responsibility of love. This is also a time for our young people to form and deepen the bonds of friendship with other young people and with adults in the congregation. These are relationships that will strengthen them in life and help them to connect to the support that is available to them in the Christian community.

The three components of Confirmation are: Learning, Service, and Fun

Learning: Our classes and discussions are very interactive, using exercises, games, skits, and lots of Q & A. Kids help to determine our plans for the year as we deal with their questions and ideas. This year we’ll be using our new video equipment to make video projects together about what we’re learning.

Service: Kids have the opportunity to learn about serving others in many ways through acolyting, youth services, leadership in Lent services, reading, dramas, helping to serve Communion, and service projects to the community.

Fun: The annual Mt. Cross Retreat is a great opportunity to grow as a group and learn about God’s love while experience amazing outdoor activities (ropes course, hiking, archery, etc.). Our Confirmation group also has numerous activities for fun and recreation taking place throughout the year (skiing, laser tag, pizza nights, and many others.)

2019-20 Schedule

Orientation Evening for Students and Parents on Sunday, September 15, 2019 - 5:00 PM

 Weekly meetings on Sundays, 5:00 - 6:00 PM                     

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As we did in 2019 and earlier years, during the 6 weeks of Lent the youth will help out on Wednesday evenings as leaders and participants in the Wednesday evening services. Each year they help also to plan and design these services and this is a practical part of their Confirmation training and experience.

During our confirmation year we will hold at least one confirmation potluck meal for the entire family. We’ll enjoy a meal together, after which the kids will give a presentation on what they have learned in recent weeks, with opportunity for discussion between students, parents, and leaders. Notification is given well in advance of when one of these events is taking place.